Teeth Whitening Treatments

The dentist at Al Shamil Medical centre first needs to carefully examine you in order to find out how many sessions you require. The time and sessions will be briefed to the patient before starting the procedure.

At Al Shamil medical centre the procedure of teeth whitening is dependent on how much a patient wants to get their teeth whitened. Sometime this may require two routine sessions, each session being 15-20 minutes. While sometimes it may require 3 or even 4 sessions. This depends on the patient and most importantly how much can a dentist whiten the teeth without harming them.


The charges vary on the kit that is being used. However, for the best results, we import kits from the United States. We’ve had some amazing results from these kits.

The whitening effect can last up to 6 months to few years. If a proper brushing system is followed then whitening results may even last up to 4 years. However, the effects are less likely to last if you consume alcohol or if you smoke. Some people may get sensitive to hot and cold drinks or food so dentists at Al Shamil medical centre give a proper fluoride treatment to reduce these effects.

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