Root canal treatment

The branch of dentistry concerned with diseases and injuries of the soft tissues inside a tooth (the dental pulp). In Root canal treatment, a major diagnostic challenge is the accurate assessment of pulp status.

It is extremely important to know and understand your treatment options when it comes to your teeth, something you use every day to cut and chew your food. Today there are many treatment options for repairing damaged teeth so it is vital to consider your options and how they will impact your future dental health and lifestyle. At Al Shamil medical centre, our dentist explore all of your options for the best possible care they are always here to answer any questions you may have and guide you to sources for more information.

Services of Root canal treatment:

At Al Samil medical centre we provide Root canal treatment services at best possible way to our patients. Main services of Root canal treatment that are provided in our medical centre are:

  • Rotary endodontics
  • Lazer endodontics
  • root canal treatment,convensional,
  • endodontic retreatment,
  • endodontic surgery,
  • ¬†traumatic dental injuries and post and core.

While Root canal treatment are specialists in saving teeth, meaning they are trained in performing root canals and other procedures to save the tooth. They will look at all treatment options to determine the best for each individual patient and case.

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