Preventive orthodontics:

Preventive orthodontics is the action taken to preserve the integrity of what appears normal for that age” Preventive procedures are undertaken in anticipation of development of a malocclusion.

we train children for brushing,apply fluride, apply pit and fissure sealents, give habbit breaking appliances, tounge and  breathing exercises etc to prevent any chance for developing crooked teeth.

Interceptive Orthodontics:

Interceptive orthodontics is the guidance of teeth eruption and correction of malocclusion (abnormal bite) by early intervention in order to improve future outcome(s). This is usually achieved by simple fixed or removable appliances.

Here  treatment is done when the baby teeth start shedding and the new teeth erupts,at this age,early extractions of milk teeth ,correction of cross bite,expansion of jaws, myo functional appliance are used to bring about functional jaw orthopedics ,there by intercept major developing malocclusion of jaws, mal alignment of teeth,and facial tissues.

Surgical orthodontics:

When the jaw growth is completed and if they are not in proportion it can be corrected by ortho gnathic surgery.we prepare the jaws for surgery with braces and create a good arch form ,so that the surgeon can correct the jaws to the desired ideal position.this, increases the breath way space, enhance the beauty and proportion of the face,and improve  self esteem.

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